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Here at Barn Yard we offer specially trained equines and volunteers to be leased during therapy sessions. We partner with therapy organizations to provide Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy services at our site. At the directive of the therapist, the equine’s movement is manipulated to activate core musculature and engage the sensory, neuromotor and cognitive systems to assist with growth towards therapy goals. Many therapeutic tools are also offered on site to incorporate games and out of the box interventions during therapy sessions. 


For participation in our equine leasing program to incorporate hippotherapy, please complete the intake form through the link below. 



The reading group is about an hour weekly where kids can come & practice their reading with the horses.  We have carefully selected volunteers with a history in teaching, mentoring and/or tutoring.  We take a trauma informed approach in the way we assist kids with their reading practice each week.  They will read for at least 20 minutes with the goal being to satisfy the practice of reading daily for 20 minutes.  There is a craft incorporated into the hour once a month or more that encourages social interactions, connections & self esteem.  The cost is $25 per child & we serve ages 5-12. 

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